Friday, June 24, 2011

Boiled Crawfish in Kuala Lumpur!

We ordered the little critters from a farm in Johor on Wednesday, paid the money (RM31 per kilo) into the farmer’s bank account and then picked them up well-packed and all alive (!) on Saturday morning from the courier’s office.

We cooked them in two batches in my big stockpot on the stove since we only had 15 kilos, well-seasoned - with potatoes, corn on the cob and loads of garlic butter to go around. And cold beer!  Gotta have the ice cold beer!

It was so good and easy to do that we are already planning the next order.


  1. could i find out from you the name of the farm or the contact details please?

  2. I don't know the name of the farm but the gentleman I ordered from is named KC Tan. His hand phone is 016 722 8853. The order went very smoothly and we were delighted with the crawfish.


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