Monday, August 15, 2011

Blue Crabs

Spring in southern Louisiana is all about crawfish. Summer is all about blue crabs.  I don’t know what truth there is to the family lore, ingrained in my psyche since toddlerhood, that the crabs are fullest just after a full moon. The theory goes that the crabs can see better, and therefore feed better, by the light of a full moon.  It may sound crazy but it certainly held true this past weekend.

Saturday evening we enjoyed the most wonderful full-of-meat crabs I have had in a long time, seasoned with just the right amount of red pepper (read: lots!) with salt and other spices.  The Seafood Connection in New Iberia always gets it right. If you ever find yourself within driving distance, do it!

The detritus 

Here a little thing that made me chuckle: I was searching for information for Seafood Connection because I always like to add a link if possible when I write about a store or restaurant or market or supplier of anything I’ve used. I came across the official website for my hometown, New Iberia, and was tickled to see it had a link for local recipes, right alongside the link for city history. Food is indeed just as important to the inhabitants! 

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