Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ginger 2012 is on! Help Needed!

Update:  Many thanks to everyone who voted.  Victoria came in a respectable second fewer then eight percentage points behind the winner.  The next round of voting has commenced and there are some beauties. Go have a look. 

This is my daughter, Victoria's beautiful creation.  I have entered it in the wonderfully funny and talented Movita Beaucoup's Ginger 2012 contest where professionals are pitted against five-year-olds against whole family teams, all competing for the honor of Best Gingerbread Structure - or something like that.  If you don't know Movita, you need to head on over there double-quick and meet her.  And while you are there, we'd appreciate a vote for Victoria's Designer Mansion.  Because Movita will announce the winners on Victoria's birthday and that would be the best gift yet! (The prize is four new cookbooks!)

Please share the link with every friend you own because, as Movita says:

"I encourage competitors to use ANY means possible to win. Email yer family. Blog it, tweet it, facebook it. And tell your supporters to do the same. If you find a shortcut in the voting system? Have at it. All’s fair in love and ginger! Remember, it’s not necessarily the best entry that wins, people. No, it’s the competitor who best uses the interweb to promote the living cr*p outta their ginger masterpiece."

Thank you for helping me use the interweb to win!

Many thanks,



  1. A Baker's House @ www.abakershDecember 19, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    That is gorgeous!!! I am on my way over now to vote. Good luck!

  2. Thank you! They are all lovely but this is a popularity contest! So I am grateful for your vote, Holly.


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