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Monday, May 28, 2012

Trinidadian Rum Punch

Typical Trinidadian rum punch with the one, two, three, four recipe! Sugar, lime and rum with a few drops of Angostura bitters!

When I was a little girl, we lived in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, on the actual island of Trinidad. (I think you only live on Tobago if you have something to do with a resort! But I could be wrong. It is a beautiful island for a holiday. The only time I remember going topless at a beach in my whole life, was on Tobago. I was six.) ANYWAY, Trinidad has the best rum in the world and its national drink is rum punch. I wasn’t allowed any as a child, of course, but my mom knew the recipe by heart, as does everyone in Trinidad, so I got to try it when I was older. Love at first sip.

It goes like this:
One sour
Two sweet
Three strong
Four weak

In honor of my summer holidays starting tomorrow, I’d like to share rum punch with you. This is a great drink on the beach or poolside. Just watch yourself because it goes down so easily.

One sour (lime juice)
Two sweet (simple syrup – one cup of sugar dissolved in one cup of hot water, then cooled)
Three strong (that would be the RUM!)
Four weak (water or ice or a combination of the two)
Angostura (Aromatic) Bitters 

Squeeze as many limes as you have and measure the juice. This is now your One measure.

That's a bunch of little limes!

Add in Two of that same measure of simple syrup.

Add in Three of that same measure of rum.

Finally, add in a lot of shakes of the Angostura Bitters, along with some water and then serve over crushed ice or ice cubes for your Four weak.

Then I add more Angostura to each individual glass. The Angostura MAKES this punch. Of course, you can serve this in a pretty pitcher if you have guests but the reused water bottle fits wonderfully in my refrigerator door so I can enjoy rum punch for days. :)

Happy start of Summer to you all!