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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bulago Gin Breeze Cocktail #FoodieExtravaganza

With equal parts gin, orange juice, Campari and tonic, a Bulago Gin Breeze Cocktail is super refreshing and a doddle to make.

For the last few years, I've been hearing my friends David and Nicky talking about a small home they have on Bulago Island in the Ugandan portion of Lake Victoria. It's a sweet retreat from the hectic world, where there is scarcely any internet and lazy days are best spent sipping cocktails, doing 1,000-piece puzzles, reading and watching the wildlife.

We finally got ourselves organized for a trip last April. It's less than a five-hour flight from the United Arab Emirates. Completely do-able for a long weekend.

The whole trip was a joy and Bulago is indeed a treasure. The birds alone require a reference volume for birds of East Africa because there are so many that inhabit the island, including enormous Hornbills and colorful Kingfishers and the Egyptian geese that wandered our garden. A pair of binoculars were always at the ready and I kept my telephoto lens on my camera as well. One never knew who or what would turn up.

One afternoon, as my husband and I were sitting out on the lawn reading, I heard a noise in the tree branches overheard. I thought it was some of the birds building nests because they had been going back and forth in an exhaustingly productive manner. Imagine my surprise, when this is what I saw.

I beat a hasty retreat to the house since he looked like he was about to leap down upon me. After my less than endearing experiences with monkeys when we lived in Malaysia, I am not a fan. Eventually he lost interest and we went back to our state of relative inactivity, reading and watching this scenery, keeping an eye out for otters and alligators. (Saw some of both!) There may have been Bulago Gin Breeze Cocktails involved, if not that day, certainly the next.

 Hardly anyone swims in this part of Lake Victoria. Now you know why.

We arrived on Bulago with two bottles of gin, one bottle of vodka and a box of red wine. There was some mix up in our grocery order so a whole case - 12 liters - of orange juice was delivered, along with tonic, beer and fresh vegetables. The store cupboard revealed an elderly bottle of Campari. And so our host created this new drink we aptly named a Bulago Breeze. When the breeze is blowing (or flowing) on Bulago, there is no more pleasant place to be.

Ingredients for one 8 oz drink
1/4 cup or 60ml orange juice
1/4 cup or 60ml Campari
1/4 cup or 60ml gin
1/4 cup or 60ml tonic

Mix together all the ingredients in a glass. Add ice. It couldn't be more simple.

And enjoy. Cheers!

Today my fellow Foodie Extravaganza friends are sharing recipes with gin, six in all. Many thanks to our event host, Caroline of Caroline's Cooking for her hard work behind the scenes.

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