Sunday, December 3, 2017

Puff Pastry Ravioli Mince Pies

If you have puff pastry in your freezer and a jar of mincemeat in the cupboard, you are ready for an impromptu potluck invitation or unexpected guests!  These little pies, made ravioli-style, are a welcome addition to the dessert table at any Christmas party or buffet table.

Food Lust People Love: Puff Pastry Ravioli Mince Pies uses a ravioli plaque to make mini mincemeat pies out of filling and puff pastry. Easy and adorable square pies!

Mince pies are traditional Christmas fare in the United Kingdom and everyone seems to have a favorite family recipe. Historically, mincemeat fillings actually contained minced meat or ground meat as we Americans call it. Nowadays most recipes call for apples, raisins, currants, spices, suet, citrus peel and possibly a splash of brandy. I was going for quick and easy and since I don’t have a granny’s recipe, I used a good quality store-bought brand.

Puff Pastry Ravioli Mince Pies

The puff pastry shortcut makes beautiful little flakey mince pies quick and easy.

1 large sheet puff pastry – I buy a British brand here in Dubai and one sheet weighs 11 1/4 oz or 320g and measures approximately 13 3/4 in x 9 in or 35cm x 22.5cm.
6 tablespoons good quality mincemeat
1/4 cup or 60ml milk
Powdered sugar - optional for serving

Tools: 1 ravioli plaque

Preheat your oven to 400°F or 200°C and prepare your baking sheet by lining it with parchment.

Cover your work surface with cling film and lay out the puff pastry sheet.  Gently roll it a bit thinner until you have a big enough piece to cut two pieces the size of your ravioli plaque, possibly with leftovers.

Trim off any rough or dry edges.  A fresh cut always helps puff pastry rise more successfully.

Use your ravioli plaque as a guide, and cut two pieces of puff pastry to fit.  You may have some leftover but don’t worry because we can use that for decoration.

Sprinkle the plaque lightly with flour and lay the first piece of puff pasty on it.

Gently fill the holes with about 1/2 tablespoon each of mincemeat.

Brush the second piece of puff pastry with the milk.

Carefully place the second piece, milk side down on top of the filled pastry.

Press down all around the filling, starting in the middle first and try to push out any air before sealing the sides.  Just like making pasta ravioli.

Turn the whole tray of little raviolis out onto your cling film and cut into squares.

Brush the tops with more milk.

If you have leftover dough, cut shapes or strips out of it to decorate your little ravioli tarts.  I didn’t have any tiny cookie cutters so I made ribbons.  Stars or holly leaves would be more traditional for mince pies.

Carefully transfer the ravioli tarts to your prepared pan.  If you do ribbons as well, poke the middle with a sharp knife (but don't puncture the top of the ravioli!) so they don’t come “untied” while baking.

Bake for about 12 – 18 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the little pies are golden and puffy.

Allow to cool for a few minutes, and then remove to a serving dish.  Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar, if desired.  I forgot to take a photo of this step!

Food Lust People Love: Puff Pastry Ravioli Mince Pies uses a ravioli plaque to make mini mincemeat pies out of filling and puff pastry. Easy and adorable square pies!


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Food Lust People Love: Puff Pastry Ravioli Mince Pies uses a ravioli plaque to make mini mincemeat pies out of filling and puff pastry. Easy and adorable square pies!


  1. oooh pretty!! and yayyy more puff pastry yumminess!

  2. Gosh Stacy that is a great idea. It is like a mini pie. Except I could pop about 6 of those puppies in my mouth and not care at all.

  3. Those are brilliant, you had me at a splash of brandy but I think using your ravioli pan is just so ingenious!! There you go thinking again girl!! Love it!!!

  4. What a festive way to make mince pies for the holidays! Love your ravioli version. I wish my FIL was alive and I could make these for him....

  5. My goodness! I haven't thought of mincemeat pie in years! It was my dad's and my nana's favorite pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love how you jazzed it up by making the little ravioli!

  6. So, I've never had mincemeat...but I mean, these are so pretty? I've gotta try, right?

    Happy day #4!

  7. Love this recipe so very much. They look like they'd last 2 seconds in front of me.

    So thrilled to have you with us this week. xx

  8. I like their metal tins. I usually save mason jars to store items that come in boxes/plastic...sugar, flour, rice, pasta, crackers, etc. Great recipe, too! I think my daughter would like to help me make this!

  9. These are seriously amazing. I love all the how to pics. Gorgeous photos and wonderful recipe. Thanks so much for joining this week.

  10. I think it's genius that you made dip into a portable snack like this. I can imagine the possibilities, like buffalo chicken dip or spinach dip.


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