Sunday, August 17, 2014

DIY Veggie Cup Noodles

Crispy fresh vegetables and fragrant fresh or quick-cook egg noodles are the basis of this do-it-yourself cup noodle recipe. Use the vegetables you love or have in your refrigerator! 

Despite the heat here in Dubai, the signs of the new school year are already starting to pop up in stores. I was interested to see that the French hypermarket Carrefour has the list of school supplies required by the French curriculum schools as well as French stationery products for sale. It was like being at home in a Walmart again in August. I don’t know who first thought of gathering the school supply lists and making them available for harried parents, but they deserve a medal of honor!

This week our Sunday Supper group is trying to make Back to School easier for you with great ideas for take along lunches, snacks and quick dinners. Many thanks to Tammi from Momma’s Meals and her co-host Gwen from Simply Healthy Family for hosting this useful event!

Ingredients to serve one
1 nest of thin, quick-cook egg noodles or about 2 3/4 oz or 80g fresh egg noodles
1 teaspoon vegetable bouillon powder, or ¼ cube vegetable stock
Small knob fresh ginger
1/2 garlic clove,
1/4 red or green chili

Vegetables I used (Mine weighed about 5 1/2 oz or 155g in total):
Spring onion
Edamame  (I used frozen, peeled edamame that was thawed.)
Snowpeas or mange tout
Young asparagus
Fresh baby corn
Brussels Sprouts

Other suggested vegetables:
Bak Choy
Bean sprouts
Green peas
Fresh spinach,

Optional: 3 hard-boiled quail eggs or perhaps cubes of tofu

For serving:
2-3 teaspoons soy sauce
Wedge lime

Mince your chili pepper and cut your vegetables into thin strips or slices. I have a handy tool that juliennes my carrots very easily, but if you don’t, feel free to grate yours. The thinner you can cut the veggies, the better they will “cook” in the boiling water.

Put your noodles and bouillon powder into a sealable heatproof container. Add in the minced chili pepper then grate in the ginger and garlic.

Mix the vegetables up and pile them on top of the noodles.

Add the eggs to the top, if using. You can put the lime wedge in as well for easy transport. Don’t forget to bring along some soy sauce.

When you are ready to eat, remove the lime wedge and add boiling water to the container.

Close the lid and leave for eight -10 minutes. I gave mine a gentle shake and swirl now and then to help the powdered bouillon dissolve and to distribute the flavors of chili, garlic and ginger evenly around the container.

A word of warning: Despite its rubber seal, my "cup" is not leak proof when filled with liquids but it works fine for transporting the ingredients before the boiling water is added. You might want to check your vessel before heading down the hall from the break room to your office or classroom if you are making this at work. Always carry hot food cautiously with dry towels or oven mitts.

Advice part two: If you keep this in the refrigerator at work, take it out well before you are planning to eat so that it can come to room temperature before adding the boiling water. Otherwise, the water will be cooled too quickly and the vegetables and noodles may not be "cooked" enough for your liking.

Squeeze in the lime and add soy sauce to taste.


Recipe adapted from River Cottage Veg* by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
Of course, being British, Hugh calls them Pot Noodles.

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