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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jayne's Ultimate Iced Coffee

Making coffee with a long steep in lukewarm water creates a smooth, strong brew that is perfect for mixing with chilled milk or more water for a wonderfully refreshing glass of iced coffee. 

A month or two ago I received an email from my friend Jayne who is living in Saudi Arabia right now. She said, and I quote: “I've been on a mission to make the ultimate iced coffee- it's warming up nicely here! - and I think I've done it. Ok if I share?”

I am a huge fan of iced coffee during the hot months so you know I said yes. Jayne’s ultimate coffee is everything that she promised. Not that I doubted her. Jayne and I have been friends since way back in 2002 when we both got sucked into the International School of Kuala Lumpur PTA executive committee as newbies to KL. She is the type of person who always goes that extra mile for any job, paid or volunteer, and treats everyone with utmost generosity and kindness. It has been an honor to call her friend for all these years.

With my friend Jayne at our Christmas in July celebration 2006.

8oz (by weight) or 225g your fave ground coffee
36oz or about 1L tepid water (60-100°F or 16-38°C)

Mix your water and coffee together in a big jug or cafetière and leave to steep for 12 hours.

Pour through cheesecloth to get rid of the grounds. I scooped all of grounds out of my jug into the cheesecloth at the end and squeezed all of the steeped coffee liquid out, to get every last good drop.

Chill, covered in the fridge. (I put mine in a clean juice bottle.)

Says Jayne: Serve one part coffee to two parts water or milk, over ice cubes. You can make it stronger if you like, equal parts coffee and water/milk, but I love the flavour, it's so intense. Sweeten with homemade simple syrup, if desired, and enjoy!

I didn't want to mess with making simple syrup so I add one teaspoon of sugar to my glass and just a little warm water to dissolve it.

After it's dissolved, add the ice cubes and the coffee.

Top up with milk for iced latte or more water for iced coffee.

So delicious. Enjoy!