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Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Food Lust People Love: Pan-fried ground beef patties seasoned with onions and beef stock cubes make a wonderful budget meal, especially smothered in homemade mushroom gravy.
Using a beef stock cube instead of salt when seasoning ground beef ramps up the beefy flavor of burger patties and Salisbury steak. 

This week’s Sunday Supper theme is “Got You Covered” and this easy recipe qualifies in two ways.  First, the lovely mushroom gravy!  It will cover anything with deliciousness.  And secondly, the Salisbury steak, just a fancy way of saying hamburger patty without a bun, is a quick and relatively inexpensive beef option.  If you are on a budget, it’s got you covered.

Budget aside, it’s one of our family favorites and I often make Salisbury steak with ground lamb and serve it with mint sauce instead of gravy.  In that case, we just call them lamb patties.

For the steaks:
1 small onion (About 5 1/2 oz or 155g, before peeling)
2 beef stock cubes
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
About 2 lbs 6 oz or 1 kg ground or minced beef
Olive oil for panfrying

For the gravy:
Drippings from pan-frying Salisbury steaks
2 rounded tablespoons flour
About 8 3/4 oz or 250g Swiss brown mushrooms or mushrooms of your choice
About 8 3/4 oz or 250g baby mushrooms or mushrooms of your choice

Chopped flat-leaf parsley for garnish, if desired.

Peel your onion and cut it into quarters.  Blend it to a paste with the stock cubes, eggs and black pepper.   I used my hand blender but you can put it in a proper blender as well.  I have tried using my food processor and it doesn’t get out all the chunks but if yours does, you could use that as well.  You are looking for a homogeneous, thick, lump-less liquid.

Put the beef in a large mixing bowl and add in the onion/egg paste.

Mix well with your clean hands or a spoon.

Shape it into patties and, if not cooking immediately, place on a plate covered with cling film.  This makes the patties easier to remove from the plate.

Cover with more cling film and refrigerate until you are ready to cook.  I made five patties, which look rather large (about 7oz or 200g each) to start, but remember that they shrink when cooked.  Of course, you can make smaller patties if you are catering for smaller appetites.

To cook the patties, drizzle a little bit of olive oil into a large non-stick skillet.  Panfry for several minutes on each side, making sure to get a nice brown crust on the patties.

Meanwhile, slice your mushrooms if they are larger than bite-sized.  Little ones can be left whole.  Set aside.

When the patties are cooked to your liking inside, remove them to a platter and keep warm.  (Since this is ground beef, I feel honor bound to tell you that US health authorities recommend cooking until they reach an internal temperature of 160 °F or 71.1 °C.  Do with that what you will.)

Now it’s time to make the gravy.  Use your spatula to loosen all the sticky browned bits from the pan.

Add your flour to the pan drippings and stir until all the flour is absorbed.

Tip in your mushrooms, turn the heat down to low and add a lid.

As the mushrooms cook down, the liquid they release will make a wonderful gravy.  Stir every few minutes to avoid lumps in your gravy.

After the mushrooms are completely cooked, if you prefer a thinner gravy, you can also add some water, stirring constantly, till it reaches the consistency you like.

Serve the gravy covering your Salisbury steaks and any accompanying side dishes like rice or mashed potatoes. I can also recommend these golden marquis potatoes as a great accompaniment. 

Food Lust People Love: Pan-fried ground beef patties seasoned with onions and beef stock cubes make a wonderful budget meal, especially smothered in homemade mushroom gravy.


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Food Lust People Love: Pan-fried ground beef patties seasoned with onions and beef stock cubes make a wonderful budget meal, especially smothered in homemade mushroom gravy.


  1. Ah yes, mushroom gravy does wonders covering lots of things. I can remember making salisbury steak often many years ago after I got married. It was very good on the small budget of a young couple.

  2. Wow, that mushroom gravy looks fantastic! My home town is called Salisbury, so this recipe made me smile - I'll have to introduce it to my family!

  3. I love it! You took a basic meal and made it all fancy! This is such a great idea!!

  4. Mmmm mushroom gravy! I am pretty sure I could pour that on top of a lot of delicious dishes...

  5. I love anything covered in mushrooms, but when you mentioned a lamb steak with mint sauce my eyes about popped out of my head! That sounds amazing!

  6. Salisbury steak is one of the few dishes my mother made that I absolutely loved, but yours looks even better! :)

  7. I have not made salisbury steak since I was a newlywed...and your recipe looks tons better than what I remember. I'm hoping to try it over the next couple weeks!

  8. This looks like one heck of a perfect supper time! Yum!

  9. That looks delicious for a great meal any day of the week. I haven't had a salisbury steak forever!! YUM!!

  10. Wow your salisbury steak looks awesome with that mushroom gravy! Mushrooms and gravy are a favorite topping of mine.

  11. This is a dish that never goes out of fashion...your version sounds delicious.

  12. Brilliant! What a wonderful recipe. Thanks for having us covered! HUGS!

  13. yummm, I'm not a steak eater but the mushroom gravy sounds delish!

  14. Salisbury Steak was always a treat growing up . A mushroom gravy is the perfect topping!

  15. Salisbury steak is a favorite here with mushroom gravy too!

  16. Yum! I haven't had Salisbury Steak forever. Must fix that soon.

  17. I have never had salisbury steak... wasn't a hit at our place since my mom grew up with the awful retro TV dinner version. If it looked like this though I'd be all in


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