Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snorker and Spicy Slaw Sandwiches for #SundaySupper

I had a perky, isn’t-expat-life-jolly post planned for this recipe, because it originated with my friend David, who takes grilled sausages, or snorkers as he likes to call them, in a Thermos to rugby games when he is back home in England.  He says sometimes when it’s cold, you just want something hot to eat and a normal sandwich won’t do.  We also take snorkers, just like this, when we go out sailing with him.  A couple of months back, I was in charge of catering for our Friday sail and I made this spicy coleslaw to heap upon grilled snorker sandwiches, and the combination was wonderful.  Best of all, with a little preparation ahead, like slicing your buns, you will only need some tongs and paper plates or napkins to serve.  A simple but delicious fuss-free meal that travels well.

But last night was rough and I'm asking myself this question:  When does the purported glamorousness of being an expat wear off?  I'll tell you, it’s right about now.  When it seems that all the other parents are sending their children off to universities a couple of hours away by car and we are putting ours on an airplane with almost 20 hours of travel ahead of her.  When you can only go so far in the airport and you have to say final goodbyes in front of the hordes clamoring to get through security and onto their own flights.  When she says, “I don’t want to go.”  And you say, “I don’t want you to go.”  But you both know it has to happen.  And everyone tries not to start crying because it’s only going to get ugly.  That’s when this life of overseas living loses a bit of its charm.  Deep down, I know that even if we lived in the US, we probably wouldn’t be near the girls.  But for a day or two, I'm just going to wallow in the misery of being so far away.  Can anyone relate?  Meanwhile, I comfort myself with snorkers and spicy slaw on Portuguese rolls.  (And, later, there may have to be dark chocolate too.)

For the sandwiches:
8 good quality sausages – I use Cumberland pork ones.
8 bread rolls
Optional – Ketchup (I like the spicy one) and yellow mustard

For the coleslaw:
(These amounts are just what I used.  Feel free to substitute other vegetables that you love or eliminate ones that you don’t care for.  This is just a guide and I encourage you to use whatever’s fresh and crunchy in your vegetable drawer or back garden.)
Half small head purple cabbage (8+ oz or 250g when shredded, core cut out)
Half small head green cabbage (8+ oz or 250g when shredded, core cut out)
1 large carrot (sorry – forgot to weigh him)
Couple of handfuls snow peas (2 3/4 oz or 75g after de-stringing)
3 medium radishes (3 oz or 85g)

For the dressing:
1 large clove garlic or 2 normal ones
Half medium red onion
1 hot red chili pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt flakes
1 teaspoon sugar
Few grinds fresh black pepper
1/4 cup or 60ml white balsamic
1/4 cup or 60ml extra virgin olive oil

Cut your chili pepper lengthwise and then mince.  Slice the onion as thinly as you can.  Mince the garlic.

Put all three in a mixing bowl and add in the salt, black pepper, sugar and balsamic vinegar.  Let those hang out together for about 10 minutes.  The vinegar will temper the sharpness of the onion and garlic.

Add in the olive oil and whisk with a fork to combine.  Set aside.

Remove the chewy strings from the snow peas and slice them thinly on the diagonal.

Cut the hard core out of the cabbages and slice them thinly.  Cut the ends off the radishes, slice them thinly and then cut them into little sticks.  Peel then cut your carrots into little sticks.  If you have a handy tool like mine, this is easy.  If not, you can also grate the carrot.

Toss all of your vegetables together in a large mixing bowl.

Add in the dressing and toss again.  Put the slaw in a leak-proof container for travel.

Slice your buns in half and pack them up for travel.

About 20 minutes before you are ready to go, pour boiling water into your Thermos to heat it.

Grill your snorkers in a grill pan on the stove top or under the grill (broiler) in the oven.

When they are cooked through, pour out the hot water and stuff them into the Thermos.

Close tightly.  You will be amazed with how long these stay hot and delicious.  Make sure you pack the tongs.

To serve, use tongs to extract the snorkers from the Thermos.  Break each in half and lay on the bottom of a bun.  Folks who want to can add ketchup or mustard as well.  (Being of the more-is-more mentality, I always do.)

Heap on the spicy coleslaw and pop on the top of the bun.

And, yes, I did assemble these in the back of my Pathfinder, so you can see how easy it is!

Snorker and spicy slaw sandwiches go great with a cold beer!  Enjoy!

Sunday Supper Movement

This week the SundaySupper group, along with our host, Lane of Supper for a Steal, is celebrating the start of the American football season with recipes appropriate to tailgating which is eating in the parking lot before a game.  Which sounds weird when I put it like that, but is really a lot of fun.  You’ll be cheering when you see the list of great appetizers, main dishes, sides, drinks and desserts on offer!  (Is it only me who goes to watch football just for the food?)

Warm Ups (Appetizers):
Game Time (Main Dishes and Sides):
Overtime (Drinks and Desserts):
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  1. Yes I can relate to being 20 hours away from dear ones, Stacy. My sister and niece are now in Qatar adjusting to their new lives in Doha. I'm so used to simply speed dialing both of them but now I have to Skype and figure out time zones...Hear the violins? How about handing me that chocolate? But first let me say bravo on a very instructive and scrumptious snorker sausage and spicy slaw way to tailgate =) I'll have to go hunting for sea salt flakes and white balsamic..Very intriguing...Okay, now I want the chocolate =)

  2. My selfish brother has his partner and two adorable children in France. You can't pinch cheeks over Skype. Nope. Can't be done.

    That slaw sammy looks deeeeelightful!

  3. You got some great flavors going on here! Love the sandwich!!!

  4. I hope these sandwiches are able to comfort you and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate :) The slaw sounds great that goes on top.

  5. Mmm... yes please! Love this sandwich and all the wonderful color and flavors!

  6. That looks like a perfect dude food sandwich for gameday!

  7. I'm sorry you had to leave her at the airport and she had to fly 1/2 way across the world without you. As a fellow parent, I can tell you the good news is that if anything were to happen today to you and Simon today - she would be just fine. She and her sister are independent and able to maneuver through this entire world with nimbleness and flexibility! I know that doesn't make it feel any different today so go drink a pretty drink that is potent and pretty while scarfing down all the dark chocolate within 12 square miles of your house! Also, I love this idea and had no idea you could put sausages in a thermos and keep them warm! how cool is that????

  8. I was dying to find out what a snorker is ever since you posted it in the group. Now I find myself wondering why I haven't ever seen that brilliant idea of carrying hot sausages in a thermos. Then to have them on a bun with that spicy slaw = awesome.

  9. Man, I can't even imagine how hard that is. I still have a few years before my oldest is off to college...and even from in-country, I know it'll be rough. You deserved that dark chocolate ;).

    And how much fun is the name snorkers!? These sandwiches look like bliss...that slaw sounds like the perfect topper.

    I used to send hotdogs and/or sausages in my kids lunchboxes the same way :).

  10. The word "snorkers" just cracks me up!

  11. I was on my way to check out your Bundt cake and got totally sidetracked with this no holds barred, I need this in my life now, sandwich!

  12. You can have as much chocolate and snorkers as you want.
    PS - I love love love the tip w/ the thermos.

  13. Oh, oh, oh, how I get this post. Still can't put #1 on the airplane for Uni without crying - and he's a junior. (Thank God every day that I still have #2 at home for a while longer.) I know he's a smart kid who can take care of himself, and I know he has friends and relatives close by but it doesn't make me feel any better. I am most definitely not the one-up-you kind of person- and missing your kid is heartbreaking regardless - but sending your kid to college in another state is not nearly the same thing as sending your kid to college a 23-hour flight away in another country, and parents who haven't done it cannot imagine what it feels like... Wish I were there to give you a hug, my friend - and maybe a basil lime martini, too...

  14. Sending you lots of love. I got all bleary eyes reading about the airport. That really sucks that she'll be so far. I have a friend here who just sent her daughter to college in the UK and I have no idea how she's holding it together.

    These "snorkers" look awesome. The thought of eating them out of a theros makes me giggle.

  15. She is a junior too, Carolyne! I think this year was harder because I'd had her home for three months and, for the first time, I was putting her on the plane to go back alone. In past summers, it was the two of them and I had some comfort knowing they had each other. I wish you were here too so we could drink basil lime martinis. Forget the chocolate!

  16. I know! Isn't that a great idea? It never would have occurred to me. As for all the chocolate and snorkers, I am working on it!

  17. You do! Everyone needs snorkers and slaw!

  18. Us too, Dorothy! We first met David back in 1987 and many of his colloquialisms got permanent places in our family lexicon because they were colorful and funny. Any day spent in his company is a good day.

  19. Even so my kids are not close to college age I can absolutely relate. It is s hard for e every time I leave my place of birth {Europe} to get to my chosen place to make our living {Oregon}. I miss my family but luckily we now can Skype and still see each other often. Hugs to you, Stacy.

    Now putting the smokers in a thermos is a fantastic idea and your coleslaw?! Sounds and looks absolutely amazing. Now if my family would only enjoy spicy food!

  20. We eat sausage sandwiches like our life depended on it. With some slaw, they just got better! Hope they keep you company until you can go visit your girls Stacy!

  21. You are so smart, Heather! Why did the Thermos thing never occur to me?

    I just spoke to my younger daughter and she is safely in her apartment and slept pretty well last night. Which makes me feel so much better. I am cutting back on the chocolate today. :)

  22. It is hard, isn't it, Kim? Without Skype, I don't know what I'd do. If you were closer, we could eat chocolate together. If you were closer, you could hop over and visit your sister and niece. :) How are they settling in? Let me know if you need connections for them. I have a couple.

  23. Thanks, Jennifer! It's great picnic fare for sure.

  24. Crunchy slaw is always good on a sandwich, I think, Lane. I love this one because it's also spicy. I'm feeling a bit better today.

  25. Thanks, Nicole! It is pretty colorful, isn't it?

  26. There you go! Perhaps that's what I should have called it!

  27. I know, I know. Thank you for understanding and for your kind words, Kelli. She IS just fine. She arrived safely and checked into her apartment and accepted delivery of her things from storage and she is just fine. It's just a little quiet and lonely here at home. I did get to talk to her this morning and that made me feel much better.

    About the sausages in a Thermos! It was an eye-opener for me the first time David did that. So impressed with his ingenuity. And they really do stay hot for ages.

  28. I thought a few people might be wondering. It's an British Navy slang word but hardly ever heard outside the UK. In fact, I have Scottish friends that had never heard it. About the Thermos, I was asking myself the same question!

  29. Thank you, Lauren. I got all teary-eyed writing it. I hold it together by using Skype and email and Facebook and texting. I just need to know that my girls are okay and then I'm okay. The Thermos works incredibly well. You may giggle but your sausages are still hot. :)

  30. Skype is a God-send, Bea! Isn't not as good as being there but it is truly the next best thing. Thanks for the hugs. They mean a lot.

  31. It's one of our favorite things, Paula, especially smoked sausage. I've been known to travel with sausage in my suitcase. We are fortunate to have a decent selection of fresh ones in Dubai. I think I just need to start planning our Christmas flights and that will make me feel better.

  32. Oh yum! I love the looks of that slaw

  33. A perfect symphony of beauty, crunch, freshness, spice and love :)
    Adorable burger photos the way you captured the rays of the sun playing on the burger top :)

  34. Aw, Stacy - sorry to hear you're having a hard time overseas lately. I hope Skype and all other forms of communication will help.

    Sausages in a thermos? Love it. Can I put your whole sandwich in a thermos and take it with me wherever I go? :)

  35. The most I can relate is when I studied abroad in Ireland. I was fine until everyone's family and friends came to visit, and my parents couldn't afford the flight. Needless to say, my homesickness was quite strong. I know it isn't easy for either of you, but thank goodness for technology. Never heard of snorker, but I know I would love it with the slaw.

  36. Thanks, Sarah! It is crunchy and delicious just on its own as well.

  37. You always leave the best comments, Suborna! Thanks so much!

  38. Well, the bread roll might get soggy. :( But otherwise, yes!

    Skype is a lifesaver, Lori. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. I don't have to talk to the girls every day but if it's more than a week, I get antsy to know that they are okay and hear their voices.

  39. That's exactly it, Carla! I usually go and spend spring break with them and, of course, they come home for Christmas and some time in the summer, but every year I miss Parents' Weekend and feel terrible. Thank goodness, indeed, for technology!

  40. Like the idea of using a thermos. Sausage with cole slaw sounds very different to me, I used to sauerkraut!

  41. Sauerkraut would work too, Cindy, but the coleslaw is crunchy and goes very nicely with a sausage on a bun. Give it a try!

  42. I really, really love the word 'snorker'. I've never referred to sausages by that name before, but I love it! The idea of packing the grilled sausages in a thermos is genius. I'm going to be doing that for all picnics from now on! I love the sound of the spicy slaw too. I am a sucker for all things chilli.

    Re the expat life. I am so sorry that you've had a rough few days with your daughter leaving to study. It's something I can't relate to, as in our city (Perth) we have about 8 or so universities within a 40 minute radius so my friends and I either lived at home or rented near our parents whilst we studied. I am a bit of a diasporic child though. My parents and I moved to Australia from England when I was tiny and then my parents divorced, so my father moved back to England. I have no family here but my mother. It's sad and lonely, and for many years I wanted to move back to England badly, just to be surrounded by people who are 'my own'. After getting married things changed slightly. Aaron's family have absorbed me and I always feel grounded as long as I am with him... wherever we may be. I love my mother so much and it's a privilege to live nearby. It's something I take for granted on many occasions, but the older I get, the more I've realised how important it is to make the most of every second. I hope that you'll feel a bit better soon. Separation is hard, growing up is hard, every facet of life tests us in different ways. I always find that sleep and cooking help. Take care Stacy lovely, thinking of you xx

  43. Growing up Jewish, there weren't a lot of "snorkers" in my life. :) But that cole slaw is talking to me, big time!

  44. You could always use spicy chicken or turkey sausages, Anita. But the coleslaw is great as a side salad too. I love coleslaw. It's so forgiving if you are not a good recipe follower, which I am not.

  45. Thank you for taking the time to share your feelings, Laura. That must have been hard growing up. I am so glad that you have found Aaron and his family and still have your mother nearby and home is wherever you may be. That is such a blessing. I guess that's part of what my problem is, though. We've moved so much that we've always told the girls that home is wherever we are together, and now we are not. And haven't really been since she left home for her first year of university two years ago and her sister two years before THAT. We have spoken quite a few time on Skype and, while it's not the same as having them home, it does help to touch base occasionally and hear what they are up to. Home is still here where my dear husband and the hound are though. And I know the girls will always come back because of us, not the place. Anyhow, I am feeling much better. But I am always grateful for friends like you who commiserate. XOXO

  46. What is it about slaw that makes it SO good on a meaty sandwich? Never heard the term snorkers but *love* it! Can't wait to use it next time I make sausages!


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